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Comforting Care Services is a hospice agency that provides routine home care, continuous care, inpatient care, and respite care to patients in Los Angeles, CA. We employ a team of nurses, medical social workers, physicians, home health aides, spiritual counselors, office staff, and volunteers to deliver the highest quality of end-of-life care as possible.

A terminal or life-limiting illness can make it difficult for patients to maintain a sense of dignity. That’s why we advocate for the rights of our patients at every step of their journey. Every patient is treated as a personal family member, and we care for the patient as a whole.

I’m glad to have this agency be comforted to my friend who was critically ill. The staff are well informed and organized. Read the reviews and was hesitant to make an inquiry. Luckily they were responsive. Helped my friend to make the decision to choose this hospice agency. Everyone was professional and well mannered. They are on time and whenever there was traffic they make a courtesy call of their estimated time arrival. Never had problems with equipments and supplies provided. They also ensured that my fried is comfortable. Definitely would recommend this hospice agency.


The team at Comforting Care Services consistently provides an atmosphere filled with care towards all the patients they hold. They do not find the patients as strangers to them, but rather as relatives as if they were their own. They continually provide the most upmost respect and dedication to the duties they need to fulfill per patient, but not only to the patient but as well as those related to the patient. From the staff’s highly flexible approaches towards one’s opinions and clear communication skills. Additionally, if problems and questions may arise, morning, day, or night, they are available to provide help in a quick and concise manner.


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