Hospice Care in Los Angeles


Hospice care is a form of health care focused on caring for patients with terminal conditions. The best quality hospice care in Los Angeles is provided by Comforting Care Services. We are dedicated to serving all our patients with compassion.

The Value of Hospice Care

Not all health care is concerned with extending life span. The end of life is an inevitability. Hospice care is care provided to patients for whom long-term survival is no longer a reasonable goal. When a patient reaches this stage, the emphasis is on easing symptoms, preserving dignity, mitigating pain, and maintaining both physical and psychological comfort.

Hospice Care Services

Comforting Care Services offers comprehensive hospice services. Our hospice care attends to the emotional and spiritual aspects of caring for patients approaching the end of their lives. Bereavement support is provided to loved ones after the patient passes away, while caregiver support aids with financial matters and end-of-life planning.

Comforting Care Service’s hospice care in Los Angeles centers around four different types of care: routine home care, continuous care, inpatient care, and respite care.


Routine Home Care

Routine home care provides the essentials of hospice care to patients who remain in the familiar comfort of their home. Home health aides and skilled nurses work together to ensure patients are properly cared for. Personalized care fine-tuned to the particular physical and mental state of a patient is provided.

Continuous Care

Continuous care involves shifts of hospice staff providing in-home care for patients with serious symptoms. The goal is to manage the symptoms such that hospitalization is not needed. Spiritual services and medical social services are a part of continuous care. Medical social workers help patients and family navigate the healthcare system and provide counseling, while spiritual services help patients achieve peace and comfort as they approach the end of life.

Inpatient Care

Inpatient care is for when a patient cannot be properly cared for at home. The goal of inpatient care is to help the patient recover to the point they can return to routine hospice care back home. Serious symptoms such as unmanageable pain, complex wound care, unmanageable respiratory distress, and uncontrolled seizures are some of the signs inpatient care is needed.

Respite Care

Respite care is care intended to give a primary caregiver a temporary break. For up to five consecutive days a patient is cared for away from the home. But unlike inpatient care, there are no criteria relating to pain and symptoms to enter the facility. Other forms of caregiver support are also provided.

The Team At Comforting Care Services

Our interdisciplinary team is made up of fully licensed and certified professionals. They work together as a cohesive unit to provide patients with the care they need. Our experienced, skilled hospice agency personnel are made up of nurses, physicians, home health aides, medical social workers, spiritual counselors, office staff, and volunteers.

Our home health aides help patients with aspects of daily living such as bathing, dressing, and using the bathroom. Physicians manage symptoms, put together a care plan, and provide diagnostic support. Nurses provide basic medical care and are present for essential bedside support. As a whole, the team collaborates to ensure continuity of care.

Hospice Care With Comforting Care Services

Comforting Care Services strives to provide the best hospice care in Los Angeles. We work with patients and their families to mitigate the challenges of this difficult time. Please contact us for further information or to ask any questions.

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